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One of our almond trees in early spring after flowering..

Almond trees on our farm..

Almond tree grove.

Our sun ripened and sun dried almonds.

Wholesale Almonds

Direct From The Grower.

Available to EU importers/exporters, processors, retail, markets etc.

Prices based on current market price as listed by the Tortosa chambers of commerce. Click this link then open the pdf file. Look for Almond prices under "Fruits secs"on the left side.

Whether you need Inshell almonds or green almonds, we supply them both. Our almonds are grown on our own family farm in Catalonia, Spain, naturally, without any chemicals - at all - ever. They are harvested by hand, dehusked by hand, and packed by hand.

We are currently inviting bids to purchase our crops from the 2013 harvest onwards. Samples of our 2012 crop are available upon request for inspection and/or testing (random sample taken from 2012 crop).

The crops are not currently certified organic (European certification (EC) No 834/2007 and 889/2008) but should this be required for future crops it can be arranged for the appropriate fees as charged by the Catalonian authorities plus our administration fees.


  • Produce of Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain.

  • Production varies from 1 - 3 metric tons per year

  • Our nuts are supplied as 'Hard, in shell'.

  • No chemicals used in production

  • Offers invited based on price per metric ton
    (pro-rata for part ton).

  • Transport costs are met by purchaser.

  • In shell Almonds For Export.

    Hard inshell Almonds. Freshly harvested and ready for sale.

    Inshell almonds sundried in the tree and ready for hand harvesting.

    Our almonds on the tree ready for harvesting by hand.

    Harvested almonds prior to dehusking by hand.

    Our almonds after harvesting from the tree. Now ready for dehusking.

    Our almonds are dehusked by hand. This means every single nut is inspected prior to packing.

    We dehusk our almonds by hand. Every nut is individually inspected this way.

    Almonds For Export.

    The final product ready for sale. Right click and open in a new tab for a bigger picture.

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