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FLIX - The Town .

We are situated about 6Km from Flix.

Flix is a lively market town on the river Ebro, with a mixture of medieval and modern architechture. There are numerous bars and restaurants, and a market twice a week.

There are three small supermarkets in the town centre, and a large one slightly out of town. There are bakeries and delicatessens, wet-fish shops and butchers, all offerring fresh local produce.

It has a post office and two tobacconists and a newsagent selling English newspapers. It also has several stationary shops where souvenirs and post cards can be bought.

It has a train station with good parking facilities with direct routes to Reus, Barcelona, and Zaragoza.


The Meander on the River Ebro

Flix is situated on a meander which has good riverside walks with continuous footpaths. There is a nearby viewing point overlooking the meander with parking and benches which is a very popular destination for tourists.

The Ferry Barge

A unique way to start the meander walk is to take the free ferry across the river to where the footpath begins.

The Castle

The castle is set on a hill and dominates the surrounding landscape. There is a road from the town leading up to it. The views from here are spectacular.

The Ermita

A short distance from Flix is the Ermita. This is a hermitage which is built over a Roman temple and is still occupied. A candle always burns. Set into the natural rock, this is definitely worth a visit.


It is nearly essential to have your own transport, unless you are prepared to walk a lot and rely on public transport. There are buses and trains from Flix, but these are infrequent.

This is a marvellous region for exploring. The scenery is breathtaking whichever route you take and the roads are in general quiet and good and well signposted. There are numerous towns and villages dotted about, from the mountains to the coast, where you can explore churches and ermitas (hermitages), browse around markets, wander around museums, or stroll along a Mediterranean promenade. There is a wide range of flora and fauna to be spotted wherever you go.

There are bars and restaurants everywhere where you can relax with just a drink or sample a wide range of local cuisine - from Tapas to Menu del Dia, or choose from the menu. Menu del Dia (Meal of the day) is served both in the afternoon and evening and is great value for money. A word of warning - do have a phrasebook or dictionary handy as menus are never in English, and the staff, though always helpful, are usually not able to translate.

This is just a brief introduction to the area and we will be happy to inform and advise in more detail, within our knowledge.

Whatever your preference, you will enjoy the laid back atmosphere and the tranquility of the region.


In August, the towns and villages become alive with local fiestas. Each town has its own fiesta at different times throughout the month. These often last several days and can include religious processions, carnival parades, dining, dancing, music, and firework displays. The celebrations often continue well into the early hours. There is something for everyone with activities for children during the day. There are also other fiestas during the year.


Most towns have an outdoor market during the week. In Flix there are two; Tuesdays and Thursdays. The markets sell everything from clothes to fruit and vegetables. In Mora La Nova, they even sell chickens and goats! They are on different days so you could go to them all if you want.

Flix town at night during Fiesta

Flix town at night during Fiesta time.

Bell tent accommodation in Spain - Shower room.

Shower and wash room.

Bell Tent Holidays in Catalonia, Spain

The Ermita just outside of Flix.

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