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River Ebro Carp fishing

The Ebro River is teeming with catfish, carp, and zander. Where we are, the flat low banks allow for good easy access, plenty of room for tackle, and ease of movement. Parking is a doddle. Casting without snagging in trees is the norm. The catfish and carp can be right under your rod tip and catfish over 100lbs+ are abundant.

Many guides have to rely on boats due to many swims being overgrown with bamboo, surrounded by trees, adjacent to cliffs, steep banks, or simply that the waters (especially by the dams) are so wide and long that boats and fish finders are essential. You won't have any of those problems here as you can see below.


River Ebro catfish fishing can result in 100lb+ catfish like this

A magnificent catfish from the river Ebro near our farm.

River Ebro - you could be cat-fishing here!

Some of the catfishing is in locations like this - The Ebro Valley.

River Ebro Boat Hire

Our boat is available for hire.

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