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River Ebro - getting here - cheap flights.

You have several options for cheap flights:

You can fly to Reus, Barcelona, and Zaragoza airports to where Ryanair often offer cheap flights, and from where you can hire good cars quite cheaply. Ryanair offers good deals through their website and will usually carry fishing tackle and cycles for a small fee. Please check Ryanairs website for details.

Fly with Ryaniar to Reus from:
  1. Glasgow
  2. Liverpool
  3. London Luton
  4. London Stanstead
  5. Dublin
  6. Frankfurt
Fly with Ryaniar to Barcelona from:
  1. Blackpool
  2. Bournmouth
  3. East Midlands
  4. Glasgow
  5. London Luton
  6. London Stanstead
  7. Brussels
  8. Dublin
  9. Dusseldorf
  10. Eindhoven
  11. Shannon
  12. Frankfurt
  13. Karlsruhe Baden
Fly with Ryaniar to Zaragoza from:
  1. London Stanstead

You can also fly to Reus or Barcelona with Thomsonfly (Brittania Airways).

Fly with Thomsonfly to Reus from:
  1. Belfast
  2. Birmingham
  3. Cardiff
  4. Gatwick
  5. Glasgow
  6. Leeds
  7. Liverpool
  8. Luton
  9. Manchester
  10. Newcastle
  11. Nottingham
  12. Teeside
Fly with Thomsonfly to Barcelona from:
  1. Coventry

Or you can fly to Reus with Airtours.

Fly with Airtours to Reus from:
  1. Befast
  2. Birmingham
  3. Bristol
  4. Teeside
  5. Leeds Bradford
  6. Newcastle

Or you can fly to Barcelona with Easyjet. Easyjet carry bicycles for a small fee.

Fly with Easyjet to Barcelona from:
  1. Bristol
  2. Liverpool
  3. Gatwick
  4. Luton
  5. Stanstead
  6. Newcastle
  7. Dortmund
  8. Berlin

If travelling by train from Barcelona, Reus or Zaragoza, The train times are:

Departs Barcelona: 08:50 am, Departs Reus: 10:23 am, arriving Asco: 11:35 am
Departs Barcelona: 12:51 am, Departs Reus: 14:20 pm, arriving Asco: 15:23 pm
Departs Barcelona: 15:50 am, Departs Reus: 17:23 pm, arriving Asco: 18:24 pm
Departs Barcelona: 17:24 am, Departs Reus: 18:51 pm, arriving Asco: 19:51 pm
Departs Barcelona: 20:25 am, Departs Reus: 21:54 pm, arriving Asco: 22:22 pm

Departs Zaragoza: 12:20 pm, arriving Asco: 14:40 pm
Departs Zaragoza: 16:50 pm, arriving Asco: 19:07 pm
Departs Zaragoza: 20:28 pm, arriving Asco: 22:56 pm

If driving, please refer to the "location" page for maps and directions.

River Ebro catfish fishing can result in 100lb+ catfish like this

A magnificent catfish from the river Ebro near our farm.

River Ebro - you could be cat-fishing here!

Some of the catfishing is in locations like this - The Ebro Valley.

River Ebro Boat Hire

Our boat is available for hire.

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