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In Shell almonds
One of our almond trees in early spring after flowering..

Almond trees on our farm..

Almond tree grove.

Our sun ripened and sun dried almonds.

Inshell Almonds

Direct From The Grower.

Our almonds are grown without any chemicals whatsoever. They are grown naturally in the Spanish sunshine and are ripened and sun dried on our trees. We harvest them by hand between August and October depending on the weather.

Our almonds are harvested directly from the tree - not vacuumed from the ground. We do not use tree shaking machinery or vacuum them up from the ground with vacuum collecting machinery, so you can be certain you are getting top quality hand picked nuts.

We harvest the traditional way by spreading nets or sheets under the trees and knocking the nuts onto these to collect them. This eliminates any nuts becoming tainted or becoming contaminated with soil or stained by lying on the ground prior to collection.

After harvesting the nuts, we remove every single remaining husk individually by hand thus ensuring that every nut we send you has been individually inspected for quality.

Following the dehusking process we pack the almond nuts into breathable sacks to that they remain dry and do not sweat and become mouldy. The nuts are at this stage ready for sale.

In shell Almonds For Export.

Hard inshell Almonds. Freshly harvested and ready for sale.

Inshell almonds sundried in the tree and ready for hand harvesting.

Our almonds on the tree ready for harvesting by hand.

Harvested almonds prior to dehusking by hand.

Our almonds after harvesting from the tree. Now ready for dehusking.

Our almonds are dehusked by hand. This means every single nut is inspected prior to packing.

We dehusk our almonds by hand. Every nut is individually inspected this way.

Almonds For Export.

The final product ready for sale. Right click and open in a new tab for a bigger picture.

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