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River Ebro Fishing Licence - Catalonia

Fishing licences in Spain (Catalunya)

Spanish fishing licences are not valid for the whole of Spain. Each region has it's own fishing licence and if you wish to fish in more than one region you will need a valid fishing licence for each region. For example: in Catalunya, you will require a licence from the Catalan authorities. It is not valid in any other region.

In Catalunya the fishing licence is available from several outlets and costs a little over 14 euros. If you wish, it is possible for you to arrange your spanish fishing licence for the Catalan area online. The application form is in English.

Applying for your fishing licence is easy but the instructions for printing your licence are not so clear. We can guide you through the process to make it as easy as possible. Are you ready?

follow the link above (a new window opens) in the top right of the page you will see "You can apply by Internet - Fill in and send the form". Click on the button.

On the next page you will see "Identify yourself". Ignore it. You do not need it. Just fill in all of your details in the appropriate boxes.When you have entered all details, click the "Send application" button at the bottom of the page.

A new page will load in the existing window showing the details you entered. In the bottom section you will see a logo for the "La Caixa" bank. Clicking on it allows you to pay over the internet in secure mode. A new page from the "La Caixa" bank opens.

Fill in your credit card details and press the continue button. The next page asks for your 3 digit code onthe back of your credit card. Enter it and submit.

You will then get a page confirming payment pending. Wait until payment has been taken from your bank account and then follow the next steps...

This part of the process is not in English! It is not difficult. Follow this link.... Fill in the details in the following order...

NIF/NIE/Passaport * = Your passport number as entered on the application form.

Número de llicència = Licence number - you don't know this yet. Leave it blank.

Data de naixement * = Date of birth. Use dd/mm/yyyy format.

Tipus de llicència * = Type of licence applied for. Select the "Llicència de pesca recreativa" Option.

Click the "Cerca" button.

A new page opens. On the top half is a button named "Impressio llicència". Click it.

A new window opens and if your application has been completed and your licence is issued, then you can now see, save and print your licence. It is pdf format. If the application has not yet been completed, wait a day or two and then repeat this part of the guide. If you save it to disk, you will need to use your browser to open it and you will need acrobat reader installed.

Don't forget to take it with you! HAPPY FISHING.

River Ebro catfish fishing can result in 100lb+ catfish like this

A magnificent catfish from the river Ebro near our farm.

River Ebro - you could be cat-fishing here!

Some of the catfishing is in locations like this - The Ebro Valley.

River Ebro Boat Hire

Our boat is available for hire.

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